Posted by: japanecolodge | April 11, 2011

A whole picture unseen even after a month

Now that most of the oversea relief teams have left Japan, we are pretty much on our own to recover and reconstruct, literally from scratch. As of today, 12,915 dead and 14,921 are still missing. More than half of people perished last month were aged over 65 and over. These people lived along the coastlines of Sanriku region where high-aging were one of the prime social problems. Apparently, they did not have enough strength to escape and survive when the quake stroke. Imagine the long affected coastlines, a whole picture of the aftermath is yet to be seen.

Untouched relief efforts

Amid the chaos, Japan Ecotourism Center and its partner bodies including nature schools, outdoor land operators, as well as Japan Ecolodge Association, have united to found a group so called “RQ” or community disaster rescue center. ( – only available in Japanese

It has 3 missions;

1) rescue activities implemented at the disaster sites

2) face to face support, rather than materialistic support

3) offer host stays for the disaster victims nationwide

To accomplish these missions, following volunteer centers are set up.

1) RQ headquater in Tohoku – Tome, Miyagi Prefecture (mission 1 and 3)

2) RQ Karakuwa Volunteer center – Kesennuma, Miyagi Prefecture (mission 1)

3) RQ Tokyo headquater – Tokyo (mission 2)

4) KEEP – Yamanashi Prefecture (mission 3)

5) Green Wood – Nagano Prefecture (mission 3)


When people are put into a situation like this, survival skill is tested. We, nature guides and environmental educators,  live in harmony in the nature on daily basis, thus equipped with the skills needed to live through the tough times and help support the needed. We are community-based workers and understand the essence of life.


  1. you will get updates on our association and partners’ efforts – track where your donation money goes
  2. your contribution of every last yen will be used on relief efforts – entirely used to purchase goods or offer services
  3. count on environmental friendliness – buy local, buy green products, help revitalize the local economy

PAYMENT INSTRUCTIONS for Tohoku earthquake & Tsunami Disaster Relief Fund

Choose from two payment methods

  1. International transaction to Bank of Kyoto
  2. Paypal

Please see the payment instruction (pdf) on our website;




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