Posted by: japanecolodge | April 20, 2011

Getting muddy to clear the state of mind

Japan’s famous cherry blossom is just around the corner at Volunteer Center Kawakita in Miyagi prefecture.  People are waiting for the moment of the bloom as most Japanese admire this special season as ‘fresh start’.

clean-up effort at a school

Some volunteers along with the locals are on the clean-up program at Ohkawa Junior High School. The first day was spent on removing the rubbles and mud that had been piled up at the gymnasium and school buildings. The next day was focused on the rinsing the floor.

The school is an iconic public building and has a great deal of meaning to make it clean first in the community. We hope that other places are soon to follow.

clean start

Among many volunteers, two made bigger impressions. One volunteer was vigorously cleaning on the windows of the hallway. Another was an university student that we share our work commenting, ‘What should I do with the awards and trophies? To what extent do volunteers are expected to work?’

It is easy to see that volunteers are uniting into one, beyond the different organizations that they belong in. They are all seeking the work to better assist the local people with wishes that the students return to school with joy. They are in the state of min in which nothing is impossible.

Now I recall a phrase my predecessor who oversaw the same role, ‘Cleaning mud is not just cleaning mud.. ‘ We plan to end this school clean-up today.


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PAYMENT INSTRUCTIONS for Tohoku earthquake & Tsunami Disaster Relief Fund

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