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Excerpts of 5th RQ General Meeting minutes

Field Report


  • Extremely large disaster areas, even the evacuation shelters were destroyed – existing rescue methods are not as effective as anticipated
  • In the first month, RQ has dispatched about 25 vehicles and 2,110 volunteers amounting to 210 tons of goods and supplies delivered in 150 places
  • Ishinomaki city was inundated with goods due to good access, on the other hand, northward communities lack the goods indicating the imbalance in distribution of goods and services
  • 5 or 6 support locations are being established with the Tome group with prospects to open a community-based nature school in future
  • Desire to have hundreds of volunteers on the fields, but only about 100 are active due to transportation and accommodation constraints – yet need to carried out the work effectively observing the radiation hazards
  • General volunteers’ tasks will be focused on the removal of debris – 1) light debris: trashes scattered in the areas need to be removed by human especially in the woods 2) paper, plastic and Styrofoam: millions of volunteers are needed to remove them (it took 1.5 million for 95 Kobe earthquake) best to remove them by June when the grass starts to grow 3) heavy debris: iron, steel, concrete, etc. are in the hands of government and Self Defense Force as bodies need to be identified
  • Requested actions to the vice environment minister and other high ranking officials – hope to link with environment ministry rescue projects getting a large sum of funds
  • Support and care for the elderly – younger ones are all out in the cleaning mission during day time leaving the elderly to do the house chores at the evacuation shelters, showing fatigue
Tokyo Headquarter Report
  • Operate 7 days from 1000 to 1800
  • Functions:  1) call center – volunteer dispatch coordination 2) inventory control – minimize dead stock of goods 3) information gathering – daily info needs to be recorded and updated to the concerned parties


  1. you will get updates on our association and partners’ efforts – track where your donation money goes
  2. your contribution of every last yen will be used on relief efforts – entirely used to purchase goods or offer services
  3. count on environmental friendliness – buy local, buy green products, help revitalize the local economy

PAYMENT INSTRUCTIONS for Tohoku earthquake & Tsunami Disaster Relief Fund

Choose from two payment methods

  1. International transaction to Bank of Kyoto
  2. Paypal

Please see the payment instruction (pdf) on our website;



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