Posted by: japanecolodge | May 5, 2011

Living within comfort zone

In Kokusai Shizen Daigakko or National Outfitters Training School, two families moved in since the quake. One family came from Minamisoma city in Fukushima Prefecture on April 2. Mother, 1st son (12th grader), 2nd son (11th grader), 1st daughter (7th grader), and 2 dogs.

The 1st daughter enjoyed her entrance ceremony to a new school in her new city, Nikko, however the other sons’ high schools still have not instructed anything since the disaster.

Nikko Kirifuri branch of this  outfitters training school organizes a weekly potluck party for old and new residents.

Also on the monthly basis, they hold a “mama’s cafe” where the local children and their mothers gather. The newly moved residents are also encouraged to join these events to share their experiences related to the disaster in exchange for getting local information through other mothers that may be useful for them.

During these gathering events, the newly-moved  high school and junior high school students were indeed quite helpful to play with the smaller local children despite others’ expectation.

The Nikko Kirifuri branch school is becoming a location where people with various background gather. Living just the right distance away from others but close enough to feel comfortable, within the comfort zone.


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