Posted by: japanecolodge | May 6, 2011

Slow but sure process on a pocket beach cleanup

We have worked on 8 locations today. Of which 2 were beach cleanups and the rest were carrying furniture and house cleanups.

Small beaches in Karakuwa Penninsula are piled up with fishermen’s gear and wooden debris from the houses that were cast ashore with the tsunami.

Seems like there are more work on these beaches as there are many.

At the moment, we live in the compound of a nursing home ‘Tsukushi no ie’ on the corner with three tents. They also let us use the bath and toilet.

The good news is there are new volunteers who are originally from the local area Karakuwa but live in Tokyo have joined our force for 3days at the RQ volunteer center.

Tomorrow, we are expected to continue the same work where we left off. Other events will be held for kite flying in the Kesennuma High School organized by National Institute for Youth Education, as well as kids games hosted by the local fire fighters.

We are all doing well.


  1. you will get updates on our association and partners’ efforts – track where your donation money goes
  2. your contribution of every last yen will be used on relief efforts – entirely used to purchase goods or offer services
  3. count on environmental friendliness – buy local, buy green products, help revitalize the local economy

PAYMENT INSTRUCTIONS for Tohoku earthquake & Tsunami Disaster Relief Fund

Choose from two payment methods

  1. International transaction to Bank of Kyoto
  2. Paypal

Please see the payment instruction (pdf) on our website;


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