Posted by: japanecolodge | May 9, 2011

Road-sign-making project

Today, we the ‘mud busters’ have a different task at Koamikurahama beach.

The beach we went the other day to collect the commercial fishing equipment. Some of us were all new to the new task of collecting construction materials, however, the materials were gathered before we know it.

From these materials, we carefully selected the good ones such as plywoods and boards to make into road signs. Here Bunkyo University student vounteers were especially  helpful.

Relatively fast, one after another, unique road signs were created. These students are all going back to Tokyo after completing this volunteer task. This was a last memorable mission for them.

Ishinomaki area still has many road with bumps. So please watch your road when you drive in.


  1. you will get updates on our association and partners’ efforts – track where your donation money goes
  2. your contribution of every last yen will be used on relief efforts – entirely used to purchase goods or offer services
  3. count on environmental friendliness – buy local, buy green products, help revitalize the local economy

PAYMENT INSTRUCTIONS for Tohoku earthquake & Tsunami Disaster Relief Fund

Choose from two payment methods

  1. International transaction to Bank of Kyoto
  2. Paypal

Please see the payment instruction (pdf) on our website;


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